The wide use of disposable foamed tableware
It is difficult to eliminate disposable foam tableware thoroughly.
As early as 2000, the state departments concerned prohibited the use of disposable foam tableware. But recently, a reporter's secret visit found that disposable foam tableware is still being used in large quantities. Cheap sales are good at the east side of the Huilongguan trading market in the north of Beijing, and there is a special environmental protection tableware area. In this sales area, there is a small shop where tableware is sold. The door of the shop was filled with large packages of toilet paper and napkins. In the dim shop, the reporter saw a young man sitting on the carton. When the reporter came in, the young man was busy and greeted. Reporters pretend to have a fast food restaurant to see a disposable lunch box. The young man immediately introduced enthusiastically: "I have the most variety of food boxes here, expensive and cheap ones." The reporter asked, "what's the difference?" The young man said: "of course, there is a difference, your quality is good, looking very strong and clean, non-toxic and tasteless, but the cost is high, you are the first time to pull you back, you can calculate 1 hair 7 one; cheap 7 cents a, the quality is not good, taste, guests easily pick eyes." The reporter then asked, "no, is it cheap and good?" "That's it." The young man said, pointing to a big yellow plastic bag lying on the door carton. Reporters opened a look, which is packed with disposable foam lunch boxes. "Is this not to be used?" The reporter said. "It's okay, you go in a good green lunch box, and then enter this, no one checks it with this, and people check it with the green lunch box." The young man said. Looking at the half - doubtful expression of the reporter, the young man guaranteed, "it's really okay, a lot of medium-sized restaurants are also coming from me. This kind of lunch box is good, nice and cheap, so it's much better to walk more expensive environmental food boxes." Reporters pretended to look at other cutlery and walked.